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President Trump and Vice President Pence won 2016 on ‘Making America Great Again’ (MAGA). They are now in the 2020 race on ‘Keeping America Great’ (KAG). Save the Soul of America, say opponents, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. What is...
I have been told, by a few people, that I have the understanding of a door knob!! Offended!! Not me, but I’m sure the door knob is! Yeah, I probably have less understanding of my fellow democrats but talk...
Washington, April 21: Tulsi Gabbard, the first Hindu US Congresswoman and Democratic 2020 presidential candidate, has vastly outraised Senator Kamala Harris of Indian and Jamaican descent among Indian-American donors in the 2020 presidential fundraising derby so far. Gabbard, who is a...