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I was listening to an interview between Karan Thapar and the eloquent, verbose Shashi Tharoor. I want to tell you something before I start my diatribe. Every person, journalist, broadcaster or not, has his or her likings politically! I don’t fault him for that! God knows, Ravish Kumar wears his INC membership on his sleeve, as do Rajdeep and his wife! I have always felt that Karan Thapar is a big-time supporter of the INC. With that out of the way, what transpired for the next 30 minutes had me blinking and wondering if I was listening to Karan talk or someone else with a mask on! Words like “incompetence”, referring to Rahul Gandhi, and, my personal favorite, “abject failure of the INC to read the country’s mood” were being said. Unfortunately, there was ONE question that he never asked, and I will bring this up later.

I am not going to report on what was said during the interview, as I am sure you have seen this, or heard this interview. However, what surprises me is the absolute “chaploosi”, for lack of a better word, that was shown by Tharoor. When people with intelligence, like he claims to have, cow down to the first family of the INC, then and I hate to say this, the INC doesn’t really look like it’s going to win any elections in the next 30 years!!! We all have weaknesses and obligations, as well as pressure from within, or outside, but those that stand out, speak the truth. Regardless of what the consequences are, they speak their mind! That marks the leader from a sycophant. I hate to say this, but he sounded just like any other sycophant, using terms like “endearing” and “intelligent” when we know Rahul is neither. Then to tell people that Rahul and Priyanka come from a very good lineage demeans the entire population that, per Tharoor, doesn’t come from noteworthy lineage! So, let me get this straight! An incompetent and grossly-overestimated leader is respected, by his party members, because he comes from “a good lineage”? In the next few minutes, to a question about dynasty, he referred to himself as someone that came from an ordinary middle-class background! So, his lineage is not as good as Rahul’s? This is called sycophancy!!!

To a question about how ineffective Priyanka Vadra was, Tharoor seemed to think differently and said people from his state of Kerala loved her! Excuse me, Shashi, people from Kerala would love Laloo Prasad Yadav if that was their only way out from the Communist Party’s grip! I have no doubt whatsoever that Tharoor knows the exact opposite is true! Priyanka Vadra is about as ineffective at communicating to “people of ordinary lineage” as her brother is! The whole premise that the INC contested these elections, one of Rafael, tells me they have no idea how ineffective they are, especially given the nationalistic fervor prevalent within India!

While an oblique reference was made to the various dynasts that lost in these elections, no questions were asked, and how could they since this would likely involve the First Family! Rahul Gandhi talking about how the party was pressured into handing tickets to sons and daughters of high ranking INC members and ministers, to me, sounds funny! Does he realize HE is the president of the INC ONLY because of his mother and NOT because of his qualifications?? His qualifications would probably not get him a job outside of politics! Tharoor succeeded, in his attempt, at showing himself as a “good soldier” of the INC. He will probably be rewarded by his masters! However, what it did was show to the rest of the people with “ordinary lineage” was something completely different! I suspect, if he saw this interview, he would look at his statements with more than a tinge of revulsion. This was downright disgraceful!!

The Prime Minister has won an election on his own. He won it because he addressed everyday problems, and not fictitious issues, that bother the common people like you and I. The INC, in bringing up the Rafael, showed how out of touch they were with what bothered the people. Until they can come down to earth and talk the language of the people, in my opinion, they are probably not going to fare well in the next 5-6 national elections.

I may be wrong but this interview doesn’t show me to be wrong!! What do you say?

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